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It started with a question

It started simple enough. One weekend morning my then six year old daughter and I were making pancakes. She always helps with mixing the ingredients. She must have been thinking about growing up and what you do as a grownup when she asked, “Dad, what did you want to be when you were my age?” I thought for a second or two and told her that when I was her age I probably wanted to be an astronaut or fireman. She mulled that over for a little bit and then the question came. I should have been better prepared! With a little bit of confusion in her voice, she asked, “Dad, what did you grow up to be?” How do you make cube dwelling developer sound exciting to a six year old? Fortunately it didn’t take too long before she moved on to the next thing and a simple description sufficed.

But she had unknowingly planted a seed in my own thinking. I couldn’t even make what I do exciting to myself, much less anyone else. Guess I had become too complacent in doing just what is required to get by in my field. I had also been thinking about several articles over at The Pragmatic Programmers about staying competitive in our industry. Some of that advice includes being involved in the community at large. Doing things like blogging about the technologies that interest you.

So here I am now. Starting this blog. My intent is to blog about the things that interest me in the development world as a hobby and as a profession. Perhaps I’ll keep focused long enough to produce something useful for my own learning and for the community at large. It may not be as exciting as being an astronaut, but then again I’m not as much into travelling for work as I used to be.